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Can & Bottle Coolies

Can Coolie Solo:

Raccoon with tail:      $35.00

Deer with tail:             $50.0000

Skunk with tail:          $40.00

Beaver no tail:            $25.00

Coyote  with tail         $40.00


Bottle & Can Coolies are two in one.
They have a tail, feet, and head.

Coyote:     $40.00

Fox:           $50.00

Beaver Hoops

Beaver Hoops can be made with your own beaver hide or with one in stock.

For prices, call: 218-346-2600

Eskimo Dolls

Eskimo Dolls come with all knids of fur.


Fur Pouches

For prices, call: 218-346-2600

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