Wildlife Minnesota is now Wildlife Montana
  Wildlife Minnesota           is now Wildlife Montana  

Trapper Head Hats

Wildlife Minnesota Trapper Head Hat is like the Mountain Man hat, but without the cape and legs. Made from quality-tanned fur the Trapper Head Hat is custom made to your request. We reform the heads and add glass eyes. We then place the headpiece firmly to the top of the hat. The hat is lined in either satin or quilted material. It can be worn with the earflaps rolled up or the flaps down around the face. Wildife Minnesota Trapper Head Hats are guaranteed to turn heads. All hats are adjustable for head size. (One Hat fit All)

For prices using your own fur: Call  406-257-4975

*Raccoon:  $325.00
*Red Fox: $375.00
*Coyote: $350.00
*other Call For Price

Mountain Man Hats


Blue Or  Silver Foxs 475.00


This fur hat is the trapper and Buck Skinners hat. Our authentic Mountain Man Hats are made from quality tanned furs. It is a full-length fur with all four legs, paws and tail. We will make this hat with or with out the headpiece.
At Wildlife Minnesota we take pride in the way we reconstruct the heads of our Mountain Man Hats. We reshape the heads, ears and replace the eyes with replica glass eyes. Depending on the type of fur used, determines the length of the cape. All hats are adjustable for head size. (One Hat fit All)

For prices using your fur call 406-257-4975

 Deluxe Mountain Man Hats

At Wildlife Minnesota we have a Mountain Man hat the Deluxe full head hat. This hat has the lower jaw with teeth and a sytrofoam form in the head. With glass eyes and ear linings, this hat takes more than one hide to make. We take pride in our work. This hat is sure to turn heads. These hats can only be ordered with your own fur or watch our facebook page when one is available.

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Wildlife Minnesota is now Wildlife Montana

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