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  Wildlife Minnesota           is now Wildlife Montana  


Wildlife Minnesota slippers are warm, attractive, and unique footwear. Great around the house or at the cabin. Made from your choice of fur.

We use the highest quality fur for both the slippers and for the trim at the top. The slippers are lined with synthetic soft  lining and come with split cow leather bottoms.

For prices using your own fur call:  406-257-4975

Trim Blue fox white fur  Red Fox 
Raccoon: 250.00 $225.00
Beaver: 250.00 $22500
Coyote: 250.00 $225.00


Typically made from beaver, coyote, or raccoon fur and trimmed with red/white fox or coyote fur. Wildlife Minnesota booties are made in the same way as our slippers. We handcraft each pair using only quality fur from the USA. We make this type of bootie slipper so that they cover your ankles. Leather straps are added to allow you to tighten the bootie around your ankle. We will also make a customized pair if desired, using whatever fur you prefer. They’re great for keeping your feet warm on those chilly winter nights.


We can add a hard sole for $25. Once a hard sole is added it cannot be removed.


For prices using your own fur call: 406-257-4975

Raccoon: $350.00  
Beaver: $350.00  
Coyote: $350.00  

Baby Booties

All baby booties are generally size 1 &2 $80.00 3 & 4 90.00 5 & 6  100.00  

Muskrat Baby booties

Fur Mukluks

This is Wildlife Minnesota's pride and joy. Our Alaskan style mukluk boots are made from a variety of different furs from all over the USA. The Mukluks are very warm, water resistant, and come with a vibrant rubber traction sole.


The mukluk boot has a leather cuff at the top of the fur, with a drawstring inserted so that you can tighten the top of the mukluk to your leg, preventing any snow from entering the top of the Mukluk.

The Mukluk boots also have leather straps that help bind the mukluk to your leg. To order a pair of Fur Alaskan Mukluk boots, we will need you to trace an outline of your feet while stocking footed, the circumference of your calf while wearing pants, and the height of the boot from the floor to about the middle of your calf.

Raccoon: $900.00
Beaver: $900.00
Coyote: $900.00
Your Own Fur:  $750.00

Wolf Mukluks

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Wildlife Minnesota is now Wildlife Montana

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